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Budget Cuts Across California Affecting Criminal Cases
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A new analysis of the California criminal justice system reveals that budget cuts for the courts are affecting criminal cases, generating backlogs that are quite similar to the civil case calendars notorious. A Bay Area analysis of state court disposition data indicates that thousands of felony criminal cases have been delayed up to decades in numerous jurisdictions across California. The two biggest offenders for delayed cases were San Francisco County and Santa Clara county superior court. These have some of the highest criminal backlogs and the lowest percentage of felony cases that ultimately reached a resolution within the past year. The data shows that across 2015 and 2016, Santa Clara County came in last for the percentage of cases that were disposed of within 12 months.

This generates problems for those who have been accused of the crime as well as the alleged victims. Some experts working in the field allege that years of underfunding is finally taking a toll, leading to backlogs such that those who are accused of a crime may not be able to get their day in court and experience due process. Hiring an experienced criminal defense attorney and one who can help you resolve your issues outside of court as soon as possible may be extremely important as California courts may continue to be extremely busy locations for the management of criminal cases.

An attorney who steps in as soon as possible and identifies whether or not alternative sentencing or programs may be available to you can help you avoid the severe consequences of being convicted of a crime and having to go through the court process as well. An experienced lawyer can have a significant impact on the outcome of your case and can give you a great deal more peace of mind about your future