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Why Hire a Former Prosecutor for Your Criminal Defense Case
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Criminal charges are taken seriously, no matter whether you were charged with a misdemeanor or a felony. Both have the potential to wreak havoc on your life and leave you with a permanent criminal record. When charged with a crime, protect your rights and hire a seasoned criminal defense lawyer. But should your lawyer also be a former prosecutor?

What a Former Prosecutor Can Bring to a Criminal Defense Case

A former prosecutor has knowledge that your typical criminal defense lawyer does not. This includes an inside look at the strategies the prosecution might use to gather evidence against you and how they attempt to prove your guilt. This knowledge is used to your benefit by allowing your lawyer the opportunity to counter the prosecution at every turn. In many cases, prosecutors rely on surprise, leaving the defendant’s legal team without a prepared response to a particular strategy. With a former prosecutor on your side, surprise attacks are something you don’t have to worry about.

Relationships With Area Officials

A former prosecutor will have developed relationships of officials in the area, including other prosecutors and judges. Your lawyer can then inform you of details that can be helpful during plea deal negotiations or trial. For example, a judge may be particularly harsh on certain types of cases, or may prefer when defendants dress a certain way. These details may be small, but it’s critical to make a good first impression on the judge and any other officials who may be working with you. Ask your attorney if you should be aware of any behaviors, mannerisms, or preferences of the judge and other individuals on your case.

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When you’ve been charged with a crime, your life depends on who you hire to represent you. You can’t afford to have an inexperienced lawyer who might fumble the ball at a critical point in the game. A former prosecutor is comfortable in the courtroom and has specialized knowledge that can help give your case a strong legal edge. Contact Riverside Criminal Defense for a consultation today to discuss your case in detail by calling 951-384-7375. We are available now to help you defend your rights under California law.