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How Can you Beat a False Allegation of Child Abuse?
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No matter who you are, a false allegation of child abuse can have far reaching implications.  This is especially true if you are also in the midst of a family law issue such as a divorce or determination of child custody at the same time.  You must be willing to spend a great deal of time, resources, and effort in an attempt to defeat a false allegation of child abuse. The only evidence that child abuse occured is based on the word of an accuser.  However, an accuser’s word alone can be enough for you to lose your case if you do not prepare your own defense immediately. You need to begin gathering evidence that the accuser cannot be believed. This can be a monumental task, and one that requires the assistance of an experienced criminal defense attorney.  

There are several different reasons that you may allege why the accuser should not be believed. These include that the accuser is mistaken about the offender’s identity, the accuser is suffering from false memory, the accuser has been coached to raise the allegation by someone else. The accuser is lying, in which case you’ll want to explain a motivation to lie.  The accuser is mistaken about what happened. The accuser never made that accusation to begin with. The person making the formal allegations is not the real accuser, rather it is someone else’s parent. The accuser has been tricked into believing something that isn’t true, or when the accuser is a victim of group psychosis.

You can use posts on social media, witness testimony, text messages, e-mail exchanges, and many other types of evidence immediately.  You also must be prepared to boost your own credibility and reputation, such as being consistent in your statements, telling the truth, and getting witness character statements. The support of an experienced criminal defense attorney will help you to fight back when you’ve been falsely accused of child abuse.