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New Study Shows That Crime Drops in Sheriffs Areas Throughout Riverside County
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Have you already been accused of a crime somewhere in Riverside County? Whether it’s misdemeanor or felony charges, you should have a lawyer in your corner to fight back on your behalf to support you. There are many potential pitfalls early on in the case, and if you have a lawyer helping you, there’s a much better chance you’ll be able to effectively protect your rights.

The Riverside County Sheriff’s Department has already released their preliminary crime data for 2017, showing that a decrease occurred of approximately 2.2% for all reported FBI part one crimes. Violent crime, however, decreased by 8.8% in the Sheriff’s areas of Riverside county, including cities and unincorporated areas, and property crimes also dropped by 1.6%. The FBI is responsible for publishing the final crime data for 2017, several months later.

Homicides, robberies, burglaries, aggravated assaults, rapes and vehicle thefts, all experienced reductions throughout 2017. Homicides dropped by nearly 32%, rapes dropped by 3.3%, robberies dropped by 5.5%, burglaries decreased by 1.6%, vehicle thefts went down 8.7% and aggravated assaults decreased by more than 10%. Despite the fact that crime statistics tend to be trending downwards across Riverside, someone could still find themselves being accused of a crime and facing these significant consequences if you do not retain a lawyer sooner rather than later.

All crimes are worthy of a lawyer’s insight right away. The police might try to convince you to cooperate, but you need to know your rights, and only an attorney who can provide you confidentiality can help you figure out the right strategy.

If you have been accused of any crime, whether it is a misdemeanor or a felony somewhere in Riverside, you need an experienced attorney who is familiar with negotiating and navigating the criminal justice system on your side, to give you the best possible opportunity to fight back and avoid the consequences of a conviction. Don’t let a minor mistake hold you back from your future. Set aside time to talk to a lawyer who is committed to the best possible outcome for you and your loved ones after being accused of a crime.