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Researchers Attempt to Understand the Overcrowding Problem in California Prisons

Do you think that you might be able to avoid prison time because of overcrowding in some Riverside or California jails? Be aware that many people still receive stiff sentences on conviction.

Some people argue that the Uniform Determinant Sentencing Act of 1976 was the first of many reforms that ultimately led to the break down across California’s prison systems. Ever since then, the legislature has been trying to accommodate prison growth and over-incarceration. Law makers are currently contemplating two different bills in California that may help to do some of the excesses that led to so many people behind bars, and the serious prison crowding problem.

The first issue would eliminate one-year enhancements that are currently tacked on in a mandatory fashion to non-violent felony convictions for every previous prison term or jail time that the defendant has served. The other law would give just the judges the opportunity to ignore their discretion.

A stiff enhancement is currently required for serious felons. This current requirement mandates an additional five years for every prior serious conviction on the criminal defendant’s record, even if that defendant has already served the time for those crimes. If you find yourself facing criminal allegations in California right now, you must prepare yourself for how to respond and fight back with the support of an experienced criminal defense attorney.

Only a Riverside attorney will be able to help you articulate a criminal defense strategy that could keep you out of prison and away from suffering the significant consequences of having a misdemeanor or a felony conviction on your record. The stakes are so high for your future that it is imperative that you schedule a consultation directly with a lawyer.

Despite the fact the prison over-crowding is a serious problem throughout California, far too many people find themselves facing criminal allegations and time behind bars regardless. Many crimes throughout California are still taken extremely seriously and should only be handled by a dedicated and experienced criminal defense attorney in Riverside.