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What Is A Plea Bargain in California?
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The process of moving through the criminal justice system in California can be intimidating as well as confusing, which is why so many people choose only to go through this process with the support of an experienced attorney. In order to make a formal arrest of a person, an officer has to have probable cause, a warrant, or observe the crime in process.

The officer is also responsible for telling the suspect about his or her Miranda rights, which is the right to keep silent and the right to a lawyer. A suspect’s first appearance in court is known as the arraignment in which formal charges are formally read out to the defendant.

If necessary, a bail amount will be set and the defendant can enter a plea. A plea bargain is different from the plea that is entered at this time in the case. A plea bargain is a deal that has been negotiated between the prosecution and the defendant. Usually the defendant will have to comply to a no contest or a guilty plea or to at least one charge in order to have the charges reduced to an offense that is less severe for recommending a distinct sense outside of what would normally be assessed or in having one or more of the charges dropped.

Prosecutors and judges have major motivations to move cases through the criminal justice system as rapidly as they can as the courts in California are quite crowded. However, a plea bargain is not always in your best interests and you should never accept one until you have had the opportunity to speak with your own criminal defense attorney in Riverside to discuss the pros and cons of going this route.

Make sure that you are appropriately informed before making a final decision about what to do in your case. A plea bargain could be a good way to close out this situation and to move on with your life.