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Prescription Drug Crimes 101

Prescription medications are the most widely used drugs in the United States. Although they’re prescribed by a physician for a particular purpose, many prescription drugs are as powerful — and as dangerous — as illegal drugs. The laws surrounding prescription medication use are stringent. If you violate prescription drug laws, you could face serious penalties. Here are the basics of prescription drug crimes and how you can protect your rights if arrested.

What Are Prescription Drug Crimes?

Prescription drug crimes range from simple to serious offenses. Each are punished according to their severity. Some common crimes include but are not limited to:

  • Possessing prescription medications not prescribed to you (for example, if you possess controlled drugs given to you by a friend)
  • Giving away or selling prescription drugs, either in small or large amounts
  • Robbing a pharmacy in order to obtain prescription drugs

Not all prescription drugs are considered illegal. Only those considered “controlled” are illegal. For example, you’re not likely to be charged with a prescription drug offense if you give a friend a blood pressure pill. But you could face criminal penalties if you purchase 10 opiate based pain pills from someone else.

Facing Penalties for Prescription Drug Crimes

Depending on how severe the crime was, the penalties you will face will also range in severity. For example, if you purchased a few pain pills from someone, you may incur some jail time and a fine. However, if you are arrested for selling a large number of benzodiazepines to one or more people, your jail sentence will likely be longer and your fine higher. The more serious the crime, the more important it is to protect your rights with the help of an experienced criminal defense attorney.

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