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Who Can Be Stopped for DUI in California?
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If you’re concerned about your future because of a possible DUI, the right California should be retained immediately. Most people don’t know what to expect when they are pulled over by the police, and this could lead to mistakes being made in your case. For that reason, it’s smart to plan ahead and to work directly with a DUI lawyer as soon as possible after you have been accused. Read on to learn more about who in California can be stopped for suspected DUI and how to handle the situation.

Any person in California could be stopped and arrested for DUI, regardless of the original reason that the police officer asked you to stop your car. A police officer must have probable cause to stop a vehicle, meaning that the officer should identify a vehicle equipment safety violation, a pattern of suspicious driving or a traffic violation to ask you to stop. The one exception to this are DUI checkpoints where any motorist can be stopped and assessed for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs without probable cause.

Suspicious driving patterns may have prompted an officer to ask you to pull over your vehicle. He or she may ask you if you have been drinking that night and where you are headed. Bear in mind that the answers you provide directly to the officer can have a significant impact on your ability to avoid a serious DUI issue. The right attorney is essential when you have already been accused of DUI. Knowing your rights well in advance can minimize the potential consequences but your willingness to stay calm and answer the officer’s questions only when you absolutely must do so, can make it easier for you to avoid being accused of DUI. An officer might have unreasonable expectations and assume that you were driving dangerously while under the influence of alcohol. This does not always mean that you will be charged with DUI or that you could be facing a conviction. The right attorney should be retained immediately to increase your chances of success.