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If you drove under the influence of alcohol and caused someone’s death, you face serious criminal charges. These charges have the potential to change your life forever. The most important thing to do in this situation is to get legal help right away. Find out now how an attorney can help defend you against DUI manslaughter charges.

Your Lawyer Will Determine If Blood Test Results Can Be Omitted from the Case

Often in cases of DUI accidents, those involved in the accident are taken directly to the hospital. As the driver, it’s likely you will be required to submit to a blood test. Breathalyzer tests are often not given in a case of a DUI accident. If you were unconscious when you arrived at the hospital, blood may have been taken from you for a test without your knowledge.

It is important to establish the chain of custody where blood tests are concerned. If at all possible, the chain of custody should be questioned. If there is any doubt that the blood test was done improperly or the chain of custody was broken and the blood test could have been tampered with, it is possible that this evidence can be kept out of court. This can help your case tremendously and increases the chances of a favorable verdict for you.

When Taking a Plea Deal May Be In Your Best Interests

When the evidence against you is overwhelming, it may be better to accept a plea deal versus attempting to sway a jury for sympathy. Your attorney should evaluate the evidence the prosecutor brings forward if you go to trial. Also, your attorney will help you determine the likelihood of success. In fact, if that likelihood is low, your lawyer may recommend exploring your options for a plea deal. Plea deals can include agreeing to alcohol counseling or pleading guilty to lesser charges.

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It’s never more important to have an experienced attorney advocating for your rights than after a tragic DUI accident where someone else lost their life. At Riverside Criminal Defense, we have zealously championed for and protected the rights of those charged with serious crimes. Call today for a consultation to learn how we can help you at 951-384-7375.