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Do I Have to Speak to The Police Officer If I Am Accused of A DUI?
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Cooperating With Police During An Alleged DUI In Riverside

If you are accused of a DUI in Riverside, California, it can be tempting to try to cooperate with the police officer in the hope that this will make the entire matter go away. However, you should be mindful of what you say to a police officer and be mindful not to provide too much information outside of what is required by law. Oversharing means that what you have said may ultimately be used against you. You must be respectful, polite and courteous to any law enforcement officer when you have been pulled over.

Do I have To Answer All Of The Officer’s Questions?

You do not have any legal obligation to answer all of the officer’s questions. If you find yourself on the side of the road with a Riverside cop accusing of a DUI, remember that you do not have to answer all of this information and can remain quiet. That said, if the police are asking you questions and you are refusing to answer, you may be arrested and taken downtown.

Staying Calm After A Riverside Police Officer Pulls You Over

If you are already on the side of the road with a Riverside police officer, there is probably a good chance of getting arrested if you have been found to be under the influence anyway. No matter how you find yourself in this situation, you are likely to be intimidated. Try to stay calm, you will have the opportunity to speak to an attorney after your arrest for experienced guidance.

The police officer, however, is not your friend. Instead, the cop’s job is to investigate and gather as many details as possible that will ultimately be given to the prosecution to build a case against you. It can very stressful to find yourself in this situation, but it’s important to remain quiet and not provide police officers with any additional information.

Regardless Of What Happens While You Are Pulled Over, You Are Innocent Until Proven Guilty

The officer might claim in court that there was plenty of evidence to accuse you of this crime, but this doesn’t mean you can’t challenge his or her approach or the overall strength of the evidence. This falls to your lawyer.

Get Help For You DUI Arrest In Riverside, California

In any case, the police will arrest you for a DUI if they believe that you are impaired and above the legal limit for alcohol even if you answer all of their question. if you have already been arrested for a DUI in Riverside, the time to get support from an attorney is now. Don’t wait to hire someone you can count on. You need the support of a Riverside DUI attorney immediately to fight back.