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What Is a California DUI Causing Injury Charge?
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Have you been involved in an accident that led to injuries, but you’re not sure what happened? Is the other party arguing that you were under the influence of alcohol? Do you think that the other person was not seriously injured but are concerned that these claims are going to hurt your criminal and civil rights?


Being accused of a DUI is difficult in and of itself, but what happens if the police officers also allege that you caused an accident in which another person sustained an injury. This issue is much more complicated than a traditional management of a DUI and this makes it extremely important that you retain the services of a Riverside criminal defense attorney immediately. California vehicle code 23153VC outlines the crime of DUI causing injury. This refers to a person operating a vehicle under the influence and also causing bodily harm to another person as a result. Prosecutors have discretion to charge this as a misdemeanor or a felony depending on the specifics of the case. In order to be convicted, the prosecutor must show that you are violating California’s DUI laws, that you broke an additional law or acted in a negligent manner while driving and that your unlawful or negligent act injured another person.

Driving under the influence for the classification of an injury law case means that your physical or mental abilities were impaired to the point that you were no longer have the ability to drive safely. The penalties for California DUI injury would depend on the facts of your specific case and whether this is your first or second DUI within a ten-year period.

A misdemeanor DUI can lead to five days to one year in county jail, up to $5000 in fines and a formal probation for up to five years. In all of these situations, you should be prepared to retain the services of an attorney as soon as possible to protect your rights.