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What Might You Not Expect After a Riverside DUI?

Have you recently been accused of driving under the influence in Riverside County? You need to know that you could be facing harsh penalties if you are convicted. In 2012, for example, more than 17 of the DUI arrests made in California occurred in Riverside and through this, DUI checkpoints are often set up in the area.

What follows are some of the most common aspects of Riverside DUI cases that you might not know to expect. These include:

  • There are two types of probation in California and you could be facing free use of informal probation. Informal probation does not require that you report to a probation officer, but it does come with a number of different requirements that can make life difficult, such not being able to drive without getting express permission from a probation officer.
  • Your fees could run into the thousands. You will face fines and fees upon conviction of DUI in Riverside that could be more than $2000. Furthermore, you must be prepared for increased insurance rates, which is why you need to retain a DUI attorney immediately.
  • You could be required to attend a 16-week DUI course. Riverside can require you to complete a 3 or 4-month treatment program that consists of 32 hours of education as well as individual and group counselling or attending several alcoholics anonymous classes. This program could be as long as 16 weeks.
  • Your license could be suspended. Few people understand that when they are charged with DUI, they must have two cases to deal with; the criminal as well as the administrative. The DMV is able to suspend your driver’s license for up to six months upon conviction of a DUI.
  • You’re responsible paying for any cost related to DUI punishment. You’re responsible for paying for all of the costs for your DUI issues, including reissuance of your license, DUI classes and for the installation and monitoring of an ignition interlock if one is required in your case.
  • A private attorney can make a court appearance on your behalf. It is important to retain an experienced Riverside criminal defense attorney to assist you with filing your case and representing you in court. This can make a big difference in the outcome of your case and your overall peace of mind.