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Riverside Child Abuse Lawyer

Riverside Child Abuse ChargesChild Abuse Attorney Serving Riverside, CA

Unfortunately, child abuse carries criminal penalties as well as a possible social stigma. An allegation can lead to bias over the person presiding over the case. Many of the facts in such a case could be ignored or overlooked because of the social stigma associated with child abuse.

Experienced In Child Abuse Cases

This is what makes it so important to hire an experienced child abuse attorney. An attorney will guide you through this case. One of the most common myths associated with child abuse is that it needs to include instances of physical abuse. Any situation that involves neglect of a child and leads to difficulties in the child’s life are offenses. Any situations in which the child’s wellbeing or health are damaged could be considered abuse which is punishable by the law.

Any situation that involves treating a child with intentional malice could also be classified as child abuse and may leadChild Abuse Defense Attorney to criminal charges. You could be accused of child abuse without any clear evidence such as physical abuse. If you have wrongfully been named as responsible for child abuse, it is pertinent to take action as soon as possible. Hire an experienced criminal defense attorney who can put up a fight to protect you.

What Do You Need To Know About Penalties for Child Abuse in California?

The punishments associated with a child abuse conviction can be serious, even if you are only accused of emotional abuse. If you are facing child abuse charges, you cannot afford to wait, Hire an experienced criminal defense attorney because you need a lawyer who has a track record of representing people in this field and who will fight back against the harshest of the penalties you could be facing if convicted, including:

  • Having to register as a sex offender, if there was any reason in the case to believe that the abuse was at all sexual
  • Disruption of your reputation. Being accused of child abuse could still defame your name and harm your reputation, causing you lost job opportunities and other opportunities in the future.
  • Jail time. The minimum convictions for child abuse in California can include anywhere from between one to six years of jail time, having significant implications for your freedom and your life.

Riverside legal defense for Child AbuseYou Deserve Quality Child Abuse Defense

Regardless of the circumstances of your case, you deserve to have your situation explained to you. You still have constitutional rights afforded to you. The police cannot violate these rights in the pursuit of trying to accuse you or hold you accountable for a crime you did not commit.

You deserve to have a lawyer who will take action quickly to explore all of the evidence used in your case. An attorney can help determine whether or not there are grounds to seek a dismissal of your claim. The sooner you bring in an experienced California criminal defense attorney who is knowledgeable about child abuse allegations, the better your chances will be of avoiding these significant consequences on your future.

Don’t Try To Represent Yourself In A Child Abuse CaseChild Abuse Case Attorney in Riverside

Far too many people assume that they can represent themselves or accept the services of a public defender. You need an attorney who will give you personalized attention and work as hard as possible to gather evidence on your behalf.

The proper preparation of such a case can help keep you out of jail and can ensure that your reputation is not harmed by allegations of child abuse.This is particularly true in cases when there is a pending family court action such as child custody decisions which could hinge on whether or not you are convicted of child abuse.

Get Child Abuse Defense Help Now

The right lawyer will do everything possible to protect your name as well as your family unit and keep you advised over the course of your case so that you can make informed decisions about your future. There is too much on the line to consider when you have been accused of child abuse and you cannot afford to wait to get help from a lawyer you can trust, call now.