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What Might You Not Expect After a Riverside DUI?

DUI in riverside

Have you recently been accused of driving under the influence in Riverside County? You need to know that you could be facing harsh penalties if you are convicted. In 2012, for example, more than 17 of the DUI arrests made in California occurred in Riverside and through this, DUI checkpoints are often set up in […]

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What Is a California Search Warrant?

Do you know that your ability to fight back after being accused of a crime could hinge on whether or not the officers had the right search warrant or executed the terms of it the right way? No matter what you’ve seen on TV shows, you need to know how a search warrant truly works […]

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California’s DUI Reputation Could Lead to Charges for You

If you see the flashing red lights behind you and are concerned about what to do next, you are not alone. Many people across the State of California face the unfortunate and uncomfortable situation of trying to figure out what to do after they have been accused of driving under the influence. According to the […]

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What Is A Plea Bargain in California?

The process of moving through the criminal justice system in California can be intimidating as well as confusing, which is why so many people choose only to go through this process with the support of an experienced attorney. In order to make a formal arrest of a person, an officer has to have probable cause, […]

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How Can you Beat a False Allegation of Child Abuse?

No matter who you are, a false allegation of child abuse can have far reaching implications.  This is especially true if you are also in the midst of a family law issue such as a divorce or determination of child custody at the same time.  You must be willing to spend a great deal of […]

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