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New Study Shows That Crime Drops in Sheriffs Areas Throughout Riverside County

Have you already been accused of a crime somewhere in Riverside County? Whether it’s misdemeanor or felony charges, you should have a lawyer in your corner to fight back on your behalf to support you. There are many potential pitfalls early on in the case, and if you have a lawyer helping you, there’s a […]

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Budget Cuts Across California Affecting Criminal Cases

A new analysis of the California criminal justice system reveals that budget cuts for the courts are affecting criminal cases, generating backlogs that are quite similar to the civil case calendars notorious. A Bay Area analysis of state court disposition data indicates that thousands of felony criminal cases have been delayed up to decades in […]

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What Californians Should Know About the Fair Chance Act

learn more about new ban the box rules in California

Various internet information that may be misleading has already been shared about the Fair Chance Act or a law that appears to prohibit employers from asking discriminatory questions about criminal histories. You may have been worried that if you were convicted, this information would follow you around for years. Many of the people who are […]

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What You Need to Know About DUI Breath Test Errors

what you need to know about DUI breath test errors

When pulled over for a traffic violation and in a situation in which the officer suspects that might be under the influence, you need to know how to proceed. The officer might request a breath test, but this doesn’t always mean the results of the breath test are completely accurate. You might fight back against […]

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New Study Shows That Children of Criminals Have Higher Chance of Becoming Criminals Themselves

study shows children of criminals may have higher risks of being accused

Much research has been dedicated to identifying what makes a person more likely to commit a crime or to commit multiple crimes. Given how full many of the court dockets and jails around the U.S. are, it’s not surprising that this continues to be a subject for academic and social science researchers. One new study […]

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