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Can a Store Charge You with Shoplifting After You Leave?

Shoplifting carries serious penalties in the State of California, even though it’s a relatively common crime. If you make it out of the store without getting caught, is there a risk that you could be charged later? The answer may surprise you.  California Statute of Limitations for Shoplifting In California, theft is considered a wobbler […]

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What Is a DUI Checkpoint and Is It Legal?


The Legality Of Checkpoints There’s no doubt that drinking and driving can cause accidents, and it’s illegal both on a state and federal level to consume alcohol and drive while intoxicated. However, the U.S. Constitution offers protection for citizens who are suspected of driving under the influence. Here’s what you need to know about DUI […]

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Is There A Criminal Threats Law in California?

Attorney For Criminal Threat Charges In Riverside, CA

Are you curious about charges under California Penal Code 422pc? Criminal threats refer to the crime of putting someone in fear. This can be an especially confusing crime to understand if a person has recently been accused, and because of its ambiguity or simply the threat of fear, this means that you could wind up […]

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Do I Have to Speak to The Police Officer If I Am Accused of A DUI?

Attorney For DUI Charges In Riverside, California

Cooperating With Police During An Alleged DUI In Riverside If you are accused of a DUI in Riverside, California, it can be tempting to try to cooperate with the police officer in the hope that this will make the entire matter go away. However, you should be mindful of what you say to a police […]

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What Is Legal Specialization in California?


Do you know what it means if a criminal defense lawyer or another attorney has a state recognition as a specialist? Not just any lawyer can add on this tagline to their practice; official designation requires meeting multiple steps at the state level and even being recommended by others. For this reason, when your future […]

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