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Theft Crimes Charges, Riverside, CACalifornia Theft Crimes Attorneys Serving Riverside

Criminal Theft Crimes defense attorneys in Riverside should be hired as soon as possible after you have been accused of any theft crimes. Because theft crimes are not typically considered violent crimes, many people make the mistake of accepting the services of a public defender or trying to represent themselves after being accused. Many people who are charged with theft crimes are productive and good citizens who made a mistake or who were blamed for a situation for which they were not responsible.

This can lead to catastrophic consequences for the person accused of theft, however. When innocent people are wrongly accused of theft crimes or when a minor mistake has led to potential consequences that could have a far-reaching implication, you need an attorney to help you. A number of different theft crimes may apply depending on the specifics of the situation. These include:

  • -Burglary
  • -Receiving stolen property
  • -Appropriation of lost property
  • -Identity theft
  • -Grand theft auto
  • -Petty theft
  • -Embezzlement
  • -Grand theft firearm

Convictions For Theft Crimes Will Impact Your Future

Attorney for Theft Crimes Charges in Riverside, CA

A theft-related conviction be very harmful in terms of receiving state licensing or future employment. The vast majority of theft convictions may be eligible for expungement in the future. However, these will still show up on background checks when you try to rent an apartment or get hired for a job. Many employers are nervous about hiring an applicant with theft records because they may be concerned about stealing from a company.

Proposition 47 And Felony Crimes

Proposition 47 is an important rule in California to be aware of because a number of felony crimes were reclassified into misdemeanors. If you are already convicted of felony burglary, check fraud, grand theft, firearm forgery, receiving stolen property or grand theft auto, you could have a felony sentence reduced under Proposition 47.

Get Theft Crimes Defense Help And Fight For Your Future

Riverside Lawyer for Theft CrimesAn experienced Riverside theft crimes lawyer can help you to defeat current charges and to keep the matter off your record wherever possible. Your lawyer should be engaged to scrutinize the facts immediately to identify whether or not the prosecutor in the case has enough evidence to prove you guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. Sometimes the evidence brought forward by the prosecution can be overwhelming, but your criminal defense attorney in Riverside may still be used to negotiate an agreement with a prosecutor or the judge to have theft charges dismissed or reduced.

This is particularly true if this is your first offense ever and you made a bad mistake and have no record. You may also be required to do theft counseling, complete a course of community service or repay the victim. This can often be used to convince the prosecution that it’s best to drop your charges entirely and give you a better path forward into the future. Hiring the right Riverside criminal defense attorney is a crucial component of pursuing these kinds of cases. Call Wohl Criminal Defense for help now: 951-384-7375