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California Domestic Violence Lawyer
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California Domestic Violence Lawyer

Riverside, CA Domestic Violence LawyersAttorney For Domestic Violence Charges In Riverside

Have you recently been accused of domestic violence? This allegation can have critical implications for your future and your freedom. Your character and reputation can be harmed by a domestic violence allegation.

Furthermore, if you have pending family court matters such as the determination of child custody in your divorce, there is no doubt that you are questioning how this will influence your future.

Do Not Attempt To Handle
Your Domestic Violence Charges On Your Own

Domestic violence accusations can lead to serious consequences for the person labeled as the perpetrator. Once the police have been involved in a domestic dispute, it is no longer in your hands. Charges will be at the sole discretion of the prosecution to decide whether or not to file charges.

Restraining Orders In Riverside, CAbest domestic violence defense in Riverside

The victim may also ask for a temporary restraining order. The order prohibits the accused from coming into contact with the victim or a child. This means that the accused may even have to move out of the residence that they share with the victim.

Riverside Domestic Violence Defense

You need to walk through the implications of such an allegation with your criminal defense attorney immediately after a charge. You need an attorney who is committed to working tirelessly on your behalf.

You need someone who has the experience and knowledge of both sides of the story to understand how your case is likely to be handled and what you can do to increase your chances of success. Call for help today: 951-384-7375

California’s Penal Code SEC 273 Lists Penalties For Domestic Violence Crimes. 

A misdemeanor crime of could be punished up to one year in jail and a felony offense could be associated with fines of as high as $6000 and up to four years in prison. Additional penalties may apply in your case based on numerous factors, including:

Riverside Domestic Violence Charges“As with most assault or abuse accusations, domestic violence
is typically based on the words shared by the victim.”

Aggressive Domestic Violence Defense In Riverside

When your criminal defense attorney in Riverside is active in your domestic violence case as soon as possible, the outcome is better. Your lawyer can work to show that the victim is exaggerating. Is it remembering things correctly or is it lying? If the prosecution does not have enough evidence your attorney should be prepared to navigate the justice system. An effective defense from the beginning will effectively show the prosecution that charges should not be pressed.

Protection and Cost Effective Defense

Your attorney can show that avoiding the time investment and cost of a criminal trial is in the best interests of everyone. He can help to protect your rights as well as your freedom/ That is why it is well worth hiring an attorney who is thoroughly experienced in pursuing justice for those who have been accused. Call our office now for experienced Domestic Violence Defense: 951-384-7375