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Sex Crimes
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Sex Crimes

Sex Crimes Defense Attorney In RiversideRiverside Sexual Crimes Attorney

Being accused of a sex crime is a serious charge and one that can lead to a social stigma as well as penalties if convicted.

You need a Riverside sex crime lawyer who can help to advise and represent you on a broad range of sex crimes from indecent exposure to rape.

A resourceful approach to client protection should be exhibited by your Riverside criminal defense attorney immediately. There are a broad number of different types of sex crimes with which someone can be accused.This is a serious situation that should prompt the accused, individual to get representation as soon as possible.

These sex crimes include:Riverside Sexual Crimes Arrest

  • Exhibitionism
  • Sexual assault
  • Prostitution
  • Forcible rape
  • Statutory rape
  • Internet sex crimes
  • Aggravated or simple sexual assault
  • Date rape
  • Online solicitation of a minor for sex
  • Child pornography
  • Sex offender registration
  • Sexual harassment

Riverside Sex Crimes Penalties

Many people are concerned about the possible penalties for a sex crime upon conviction because this can lead to time in jail, fines, as well as having to register as a sex offender. Some people may be eligible to have their name removed from the sex offender registry in particular situations. Many of the individuals who are in the sex offender registry for committing an offense involving a consensual adult or a nonviolent crime may have their names removed.

Sex Crimes, Sexual Assault Attorney in RiversideRemoving Your Name From The Sex Offender Registry

This requires filing a claim with the state’s Department of Justice and your Riverside criminal defense attorney can help guide you through this process. There are two primary defenses available to sex crime allegations. First of all, your Riverside sex crime defense lawyer should investigate the facts and all of the evidence presented by the prosecution to identify the weaknesses in their case and theory against you. This can be used to develop a trial defense and can also be helpful for leveraging plea negotiations.

Get The Best Possible Defense, Speak To A Qualified Sex Crimes Defense Attorney Immediately

Your Riverside criminal defense attorney should attempt to reach a compromise with the prosecutor by focusing on the facts that are in your favor.  Your lawyer should be interested in not only presenting your defense to the charges you are currently facing but also protecting your long-range interests, including whether or not you are a licensed professional who could face discipline from a licensing board or whether you are a foreign national at risk of deportation. An experienced Criminal Sex Crimes lawyer will evaluate all possible options and the numerous factors that work together to indicate whether or not an offer on the table is a fair one that helps to protect you. Call our office for help now: 951-384-7375