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Juvenile Dependency
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Juvenile Dependency

Riverside Juvenile Dependency Lawyer

The prospect of losing a child in a juvenile dependency issue is both confusing and upsetting. It is essential to have a compassionate and aggressive attorney to assist you with the full duration of this process. Your child could even be referred out for adoption depending on the results of your case. This could terminate your existing parental rights. Our law firm has extensive experience working with all legal issues associated with youth and children including juvenile dependency matters.

What You Can Expect with a California Child Dependency Process:

All of these matters initiate with concerns of endangerment or child abuse that lead Child Protective Services Department to bring a child into protective custody. In order for the child to ultimately be returned to the family, a detention hearing is held by CPS to determine whether or not that child will be released.

In the event that your child is detained the child may be kept in protective custody for up to 15 days pending a jurisdictional hearing. The subsequent process after going through the hearing and having the child continue in protective custody involves a dispositional hearing and review and permanent hearings at other stages.

Why You Need a Dedicated Riverside Juvenile Dependency Lawyer:

One of the most important things that you can do is to retain an experienced juvenile dependency attorney early on in the process. This way your attorney has all of the relevant information and can fight zealously to have your child returned to your care.

All available resources should be investigated when it comes to a juvenile dependency matter. This can have a significant impact on the life of your child as well as your family and knowing all of your options and being able to make informed decisions at each stage of the case is strongly recommended.

Many of these cases are emotionally charged and many parents may not even understand their rights. In these situations, the right juvenile dependency lawyer can make a difference. A parent should be able to know who to turn to in a challenging time like this to get questions answered effectively and promptly. While Child Protective Services is responsible for removing children that could be facing danger, there are also serious risks for a parent who has been wrongfully accused.

Our Riverside juvenile dependency attorney has experience helping numerous families in this situation to give you peace of mind and confidence about the way that your case is being managed.

In some situations, it may also be possible to have another relative such as a grandparent to take charge so that the child can stay in the family home. It may also be pertinent to have that individual named as the adoptive parent of the child’s legal guardian. These issues ca be complex but consulting with an experienced attorney is helpful.