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Murder & Attempted Murder
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Murder & Attempted Murder


Murder and Attempted Murder Defense LawyerRiverside Attorney For Murder & Attempted Murder Charges

It goes without saying that murder and attempted murder are some of the most serious situations affecting those who have been accused of crimes across Riverside and the rest of California. These situations should always warrant insight from an experienced attorney immediately.

Attempted murder and murder are usually charged after an investigation has revealed you as a person of interest or a suspect. The evidence gathered in an attempted murder or a murder case needs to be evaluated carefully by an experienced criminal defense attorney to ensure it has not been tainted.

Protect Your Constitutional Rights

A lawyer needs to be brought onto the scene as soon as possible to verify whether or not your constitutional rights were violated.

Even those individuals accused of attempted murder or murder have constitutional rights that must be protected for the duration of the case. If the police zealously came after you and collected evidence inappropriately and are using this evidence to charge you with a crime.

Legal Help Is Needed To Protect Your Rights

You need to have a lawyer who will fight to exclude this evidence from being included in the trial.A conviction for murder or attempted murder can lead to a life inriverside murder and attempted murder charges prison. You need an experienced Riverside criminal defense attorney who is prepared to raise the strong defense you need. The prosecution must prove in court that you intended to kill the alleged victim. It is not enough that you intended to hurt the alleged victim.

This distinction can be extremely important for your defense. Furthermore, the prosecution must prove that you took a direct step towards killing another individual. The state has to prove something going beyond simple planning. A Criminal Attorney experienced with Murder & Attempted Murder charges can help preserve and protect you and your rights. Call our office for help now: 951-384-7375

Creating Reasonable Doubt

The defendant’s advantage always rests on being able to create reasonable doubt as a result of the strength of the prosecution’s case. Attempted murder and murder charges need to be evaluated very carefully as soon as possible. It may seem like it is in your best interests to share as much as possible with the police in order to seem cooperative, but it is best to wait on counsel.

You may want to show the authorities that they are wrong in accusing you of this crime to begin with but what if your words are taken out of context? Is it worth the risk? You should never speak to the police without first consulting with an experienced criminal defense lawyer in Riverside. This is because the police are not there to protect you.

You Need Legal Murder Defense Help, Call NowAttempted Murder Attorney in Riverside

Rather they are there to do their job and to find someone who may be guilty of a serious crime. For this reason, you need a lawyer who knows their common tactics and who can be brought onto the scene as soon as possible to give you the best chance to avoid the consequences of being accused of such a crime. The right lawyer is vital for the development of a proper strategy to ward off conviction and other associated penalties. Even the stigma of being accused of attempted murder or murder can follow you for many years and you deserve to have an attorney fighting for you. Call our office now: 951-384-7375