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DMV Hearings Lawyer In Riverside
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DMV Hearings Lawyer In Riverside

Riverside DMV Hearing Attorney

Many people are under the impression that having to go to a DMV hearing in California is a minor issue. An issue you can handle on your own. However, this is not always the case. You may need the support of an experienced DMV attorney to help you with your DMV hearing in order to avoid the potential consequences.

 Losing Your Driving Privileges In Riverside, CARiverside DMV Case Attorney

You may lose access to your ability to drive in the state of California by simply making the mistake of thinking you can represent yourself. The purpose of the hearing by the DMV is to gather information and to evaluate all documentary evidence.

This means that the hearing officer is thus empowered to make a decision. That decision could come up at the end of the interview or it can later by mail. Sometimes the person has to wait up to 30 days to receive it.

Get Your Supporting Information Ready

This is particularly true if you were accused of being under the influence. It’s a good idea to bring any medications that you are currently taking. Be sure to include anything that you took when you were accused of breaking the law.

Don’t make minor mistakes in your case that could influence your eligibility to recover your driver’s license. If you have received a letter telling you that your license is set to be suspended or if an officer is taking your driver’s license after an arrest, you can anticipate a hearing. You will need a lawyer to help you get it back.

A Riverside DMV Attorney Can Help With These Common Issues

  • Re-examination hearings
  • medical suspension
  • juvenile suspension
  • senior driver’s license suspensions
  • negligent operator driver’s license suspension
  • license suspensions for DUI

A DMV Hearing Can Be OverwhelmingRiverside DMV Case Documents

It can be a tough experience because you do not know the procedures of the DMV. Usually, the individual carrying out the hearing is not a trained lawyer but serves as a judge, and typically as a prosecutor as well. The technical format of these hearings in addition to the absence of a separate judge makes it all the more important to retain a lawyer.

Be Informed And Prepared,
Get Help With Your DMV Hearing Now

Testimony can be produced by both sides and typically the other side will be more prepared than you if you have not previously hired an attorney to represent your best interests. The sooner you reach out to a knowledgeable DMV hearings lawyer in Riverside, the more prepared you will be for this hearing and the greater your chances of success. Call our office today to learn more about how we can help with your DMV legal issues and hearings: 951-384-7375