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Juvenile Crimes Attorney


Juvenile Claims Defense in RiversideRiverside Juvenile Crimes Lawyers

Juvenile courts are handled differently from adult courts because of the unique procedures and rules in California. One of the most common examples that can surprise people after they realize they’ve been accused of a juvenile crime is that juveniles are not entitled to a jury trial.

Rather juvenile cases are handled directly in front of a judge. Some of the penalties associated with juvenile offenses can be serious but this can vary based on the circumstances of the alleged crime.

Adult Court or Juvenile Detention?

The juvenile may be facing problems such as having their case sent to adult court or being placed in juvenile detention. It is important to identify a Riverside juvenile defense attorney immediately who will work hard to protect the legal rights of any minor.

A knowledgeable juvenile defense attorney in Riverside will work individually with your family to keep you advised about the course of your case and the options available to you and your loved ones at any point in time. There are various alternatives available to prosecution but action needs to be taken quickly in order to take advantage of these. The client’s freedom should be the first priority expressed by your Riverside juvenile defense attorney.

The Juvenile Justice System In CaliforniaRiverside Juvenile Defense Lawyer

The juvenile justice system, while based on the adult system, is quite different. If a child is accused of committing any misdemeanor or felony offense in California, experienced representation by a juvenile criminal defense attorney should be retained immediately. A lawyer can also advise you on various other juvenile related issues including probation violations, detention hearings, sentencing options and deferred prosecution programs.

It is important to seek representation from an attorney who has practiced in this field for years because of the unique aspects of a juvenile crime. If you have already received a phone call saying that a child has been arrested or detained, you need an attorney immediately. From the initial hearing to the final disposition and the sentencing, you need a lawyer who has handled cases like this before.

Riverside Juvenile Crimes AttorneyYou Deserve The Best Juvenile Crimes Defense Possible

Unfortunately, if juveniles are accused of certain types of serious crimes, they could be charged and prosecuted as adults. This means that they may be facing much more significant penalties than previously anticipated. In the past, the juvenile law took into account a basic theory that a child under age 18 would inevitably make mistakes and should therefore not be tried as an adult.

However, the rise in violence across the United States means that more prosecutors are pursuing these cases aggressively and may even be elevating charges that should have been a misdemeanor, into felony level status and trying to hold the juvenile accountable and assess more serious penalties.

Get Help For Your Child’s Juvenile Case Today

If this sounds like your case, you need to find an attorney immediately who has been practicing in this field for years and one who will spring into action quickly to give your child the best possible chance of a future based on freedom rather than one consumed by the possible implication of a criminal record. There are too many different facts and issues to be considered when pursuing a juvenile defense case but the selection of the right attorney is paramount. Call Our Office immediately for help: 951-384-7375